Iran's for the first time World Congress is the representative of cables and wires




Congress 2015 in Washington, D.C will be held in Capital of the United States of America and Iran is officially represented at the meeting.


Alireza Kolahi Member of the Tehran Chamber of Deputies and Chairman of Iranian Electrical Industry Syndicate At a meeting on the first day of the Congress will report about Economy status and wire and cable industry in our country.


In a speech prepared by Kolahi, is information about Iran and economic potential of the country which will be presented at the meeting.


International Cable Federation is the biggest institution of international of this industry in the world that More than 80 percent of capacity in this industry of 100 billion dollars are members.


Cable ICF World Congress is the main meeting once every two years to discuss the issues underlying the industry is formed.


Tehran Chamber of commerce industries mines and agriculture

Oct 2015