Laleh Zar on the influx of counterfeit products



Facilities Group: It is said that Large amounts of wires and cables on the market do not meet necessary standards and one of the important reasons the wiring faulty is one of the main reasons for urban fires, Recent examples as well fire the conference hall of the Ministry of Interior because of the electrical fraud,According to one of experts, only 20 to 30 percent of Cables are Standard in the market. For this reason, According to official statistics, close to 50 percent of fires in Tehran is related with binding of building cables. To investigate this issue, we went to Lalehzar Street which is called, center of different lighting and wire and cables.


The dual problem of wire and cable in the market 

Lalehzar Street is an old street and less broad and moving of all kind load that has made problems for transportation in this street. Mr. Abbasi one of the Lalehzar tradespeople, this traffic and rush is one of the characteristics of the Tehran and Iran markets.

He said about wires and cables: most of wires and cables sold a major form in this street and builders and contractors are the primary buyers. Also ordinary people who are self-repair at home if they have small purchase for example to buy extension socket never come to this area then they could buy from Electronic shops.


Mr. Abbasi said about being non-standard of wires and cables on the Iran market: There are two things in this context, the first is some of wires and cables are non-standards and the other problem is wiring the buildings was done by inexpert people.

He said: Nowadays fraud is very simple in Iran market and in every department the production is made by underground factory and all buyers are also welcome because of the low price of these products. Of course, people know the difference between good and bad products but the manufactures that we call them land developer never attention to Consumer wealth then they ask from poor products.

 Mr. Abbasi said: In the implement unit, today dare anyone to do that does not specialize in it, who wiring empirically learned but the standards are not aware.


Wholesale is here 

Mr. Kargar has a shop that works only about wires and cables. He put a book in front of us and say these cables lists all the wires in the warehouse. The mention list is consist of all type of cables and telephone cable and internet cables in all quality and products. And he said: Each cable type used in building and that's why these cables are very diverse. High-voltage cables, low voltage power cables are surely different.


He said: These cables are divided according to Type of material, shape, surface area and also the conductor or insulation. The important thing is that in conductor cable used by copper wire, aluminum or special alloys and this diversity is defined based on global standards and this cable is separated by Symbol, for example RM, RE or SE,SM. Also copper conductor cables NYA and also Semi-Flexible cable NYAB and NYAF is including other abbreviations that is used about cables, Cable color is also one of the issues which helps in the choice of cable Based on industry standard IRAN the color of cable changed according to number of wires and of course blue color and green, black, brown and red are used for cables, it might for the Other countries may have different standards. 

Mr. Kargar said about insulated cables: In the case of insulated wires are usually made by plastic that must withstand the hot weather. In some cases, the insulated has been destroyed and it change to uninsulated wires. Of course, this also depends on the quality wires and the resistance they create.Of course Insulators are usually made of PVC, Of course, other materials such as paper and some chemical compounds are in some of the cables. 

He added: There are many standards because of the sensitivity of the product and the Iranian company has been respected to it. Based on the current standard drop cable should not exceed 70 ° C. 

Mr. Kargar Said: Overall 14 types of wires and cables available In Iran Market that consist of Wire rod and cables and control cables and network cables.


We are selling by Kilograms

Mr. Hojjati is one of the Lalehzar tradespeople and he said: we Weight the cables and we buy it by kilograms. The price is also very different and based on the brand, and quality and applicable is different.

He said about Cable distinguish well from bad: Unfortunately, now even standard symbols can make it also faulty. And detection of counterfeit cables for those who are not familiar with the wire and cable market is so difficult. Perhaps the best measure of the price and request warranty. However, cables that are poor cannot produce their warranty and generally the prices are very low supply because the alloys are not suitable. The copper prices has intensified the issue. 

Mr. Hojjati said: These products are also offered in Lalehzar, In general these products supplied a variety of one, two and three. In these product you can see some of the low quality and cheapest wire and cable products in China and Iran are on the market. The quality of products such as wire and cable could not detected by weight and packaging. It is better the buyer request the standard form then the seller also now if they will bring the low quality products then they cannot sell it. And must the whole process of purchase and sell of low quality product must be disrupted.



Payam Sakhteman Weekly 

Nov 2015