Identify and arrest of the 17 non-standard wires and cables brands



Standard Inspectors General Administration of Tehran Province, has been identified and seized large amount of wire and cable in the center of production and distribution of electrical equipment in Lalehzar street.


Tasnim news agency reported, Director-General of Tehran province standard, explains about 17 brands of wire and cable that seized: Gostaresh Tehran, Afshan Khorasan, Novin Saveh, MoshashaNovin Khorasan, khorasan Iran, Ava ElectricHadi Nur Khorasan, Jahan Cable Tehran, Arash, Imen KhorasanOfogh Khorasan, Tehran, Afshar Khorasan, Rad, Sama Ghazvin.


Muslem Bayat referred to the using of this cables could make a risks and irreparable damages, by the warning to the producers and providers, asked them to make attention when they buying electrical appliances to have astandard sign, also To ensure the authenticity and integrity Standard sign, send sms to 10001517 the ten digit code under the standard sign and then you will get the product information to check the accuracy of the mention product.


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Sep 2015