Khorasan Electric Industrial Company History




The history of cable and wire manufacturing dates back to 1880 in the world that is 130 years old. This history in Iran refers to the lates 1905 when the very first power plant established in Tehran. In early years, all the required cables or wires were imported to Iran But later on some tarred and cloth-coated wire cords were manufactured in Iran.


After world war II, late Ali Afsharnejad, the founder of Khorasan Electric Industrial Company, which was a distributor of Electric parts and devices in Lalehzaar in Tehran and Arg in Mashhad, he launched the first line of tarred wire cords in Mashhad. Afterwards it was the establishment of Khorasan Electrical Industrial Company in 1967, Where now the number of 450 personnel work for. The annual capacity of the factory is more than 30000 tons. There are 3 factories setteld in Mashhad and suburban Industrial townlets.


At first Khorasan Electric Industrial Company, Coated and smeared the copper thread wires with P.R.C granules which were imported from Japan. All this was done by a single manufacturing Italian machine. Then during the years, the main scope extended and developed so that the production technology of cables supervised and granted by Japanese Experts.


We are honored that, after passing 50 years, the company is among the best factories in cables and wire cords industries in country. All these years, the best quality as wellas sound manufacturing system has always been our strategy.


Khorasan Electric Industrial Company is among the first ones who received ISIRI (Iran Standard certificate) for electric wires. The company was the first holder of low-voltage test type cable from Holland International Institute KEMA, in Iran.


Our products have been manufactured according to the customers order in accordance with VDE German Standard, BS England Standard and IEC Europe Standard. It should be mentioned that the company received its first ISO certificate in 2001. Khorasan Electric Industrial Company also holds the Europe CE sign for all products as cables and wire cords. The diversity in all 300 products, has been presented through out an 80 pages catalog. Considering our past experiences, the design of all types of electric cable, is our specialty. The new settled factories in top technologies' Industrial townlets and Kaviyan Industrial townlets are amazing and both equipped with advanced machineries. In the end, Khorasan Electric Industrial Company has been selected as top producer and best job provider in the Khorasan province and this is only parts of our prides.