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Khorasan Electric Industrial Company was founded in 1966 in Mashhad and in 1967 as one of the earliest manufactures of wire and cable in Iran was reached into operation.


Our products include a variety of low voltage cables and wires are consist of wires and building cables, jet cables,control and power cables with PVC and XLPE insulted, automotive wires, shield cables armed and unarmed, concentric instrumentation, telecommunications,IPhone, resistant  against fire and heat and also halogen-free ... More


Accredited Lab

Khorasan Electric Industrial Company (Afshar-Nejad) with the aim of competitiveness and development activities and ensuring the survival with the goal of increasing human knowledge and using it in new applications, to absorption  ...More



Metal-Exchange Listing

The Final Price On 01/19/2022
Copper Ton 9821.00
Aluminium Ton 3051.15
Ton 2358.00
Nickel Ton 23170.00
Ton 3590.00
Gold Ounce 1842.00
Silver Ounce 24.13

Electricity Traction Calculation